Numbered Memorandums

Numbered Memorandums are a communication tool used to share important information with our provider network.  Types of communication include changes to policies, contract requirements and updates to reports, forms or the Supplemental Provider Service Guide.  The Memorandums are emailed to providers and posted on the website for easy access.

2021 Memorandums

Memo No. – Description

2021-01 - Crisis Alerts Online Webform

2021-02 - North Sound BH-ASO Policy Updates

2021-03 - Behavioral Health Services for Court Ordered Treatment: Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)/Less Restrictive Alternatives (LRA) and Conditional Releases (CR)

2021-04 - Changes to Telehealth Reporting


2020 Memorandums

Memo No. – Description
2020-01 - Submitting Medicaid Authorizations/Medicaid Service Encounters
2020-02 - COVID-19 Communication
2020-03 - Outpatient Resources for Non-Medicaid Individuals on ITA Holds
2020-04 - Discontinuation of Eligibility Transactions
2020-05 - ITA Certification
2020-06 - Alien Emergency Medical
2020-07 - Required Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Training
2020-08 - North Sound BH-ASO Policy Updates


2019 ASO Memorandums

Memo No. – Description

2019-001 – Spenddown Procedures; HCA Provider Spenddown Step-by-Step Instructions


2019 BHO Memorandums

Memo No. – Description
2019-002 – Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) Placement Changes
2019-004 – Medicaid Eligibility

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