Behavioral Health Advocacy


Behavioral Health Advocacy (formerly Ombuds) is provided by the State Office of Behavioral Health Advocacy:

What is the Office of Behavioral Health Advocacy?

The Office of Behavioral Health Advocacy (OBHA) is an independent body protecting the interests of Washingtonians engaged in behavioral health services and their supports by providing consulting, resources, advocacy, and mediation for complaints against behavioral health services by individual providers and facilities.

What are Behavioral Health Advocates?

Behavioral Health Advocates (formerly known as Behavioral Health Ombuds) are peers with lived experience whose services are free and confidential. Serves as a neutral and confidential intermediary and provides an informal process to support residents in resolving complaints related to behavioral health programs, services and its certified providers.


The Behavioral Health Advocate for the North Sound region is:

Lisa Day

Phone: 360-528-1799




If you are an individual who receives behavioral health services through North Sound BH-ASO and seeking assistance, please contact OBHA at the contact information above. You may also click here for more information about appeals and grievances.

If you are an individual who has an Apple Health Medicaid Plan and is seeking assistance, including help with filing a grievance or appeal, please contact your Apple Health Medicaid Plan’s Customer Service Line or visit the website linked below.

Amerigroup (AMG)

Customer Service Line: 1-800-600-4441 

Website: Your Rights & Responsibilities | Amerigroup Washington Medicaid (    

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW)

Customer Service Line: 1-800-440-1561

Website: Grievances and Appeals - Washington State Local Health Insurance - CHPW

Coordinated Care of Washington (CCW)

Customer Service Line: 1-877-644-4613

Website: Complaints & Appeals | Medicaid Resources | Coordinated Care (

Molina Healthcare of Washington, Inc. (MHW)

Customer Service Line: 1-800-869-7165

Website: Complaints and Appeals (

United Healthcare Community Plan (UHC)

Customer Service Line: 877-542-8997     

Website: Not available

Suspect Fraud?


Anonymously report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse to the North Sound BH-ASO Compliance Officer by using the Compliance Hotline.

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Dissatisfied with service?


or visit the Ombuds website for assistance in filing a complaint or appealing a denial of service.

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