Data Dictionary

Documentation for the expected loops and segments for different HIPAA transactions sent to North Sound BH-ASO and the structure and rules for Native Data transactions.

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Service Encounter Reporting Instructions (SERI)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What age is Sexual Orientation gathered for the Demographic record?

A: For individuals under age 13, the only acceptable value is '9' - Unknown/Not voluntarily given by person, N/A. Any value received other than '9' for individuals under age 13 will be changed to '9' when the data is forwarded to the state

Q: When will you expect a Reason for Delay in the DCR transaction?

A: A reason for delay is required when the delay between Dispatch and Face to Face is 2 hours or more, for Involuntary.

Q: What data do I send for the Provider One number (Demographic and Services) when the client is not currently eligible?

A: Send the Provider One ID number. If you do not locate a Provider One ID number send the PN number. P1ID is a unique identifier for the client.

Q: Where can I find more information about transactions sent to the HCA?

A: That is available in the Encounter Data Reporting Guide (EDRG) on the HCA website.

Archived Files

2020 Tables (07/31-pdf)
2020 Tables (05/01-pdf)
2020 BH-ASO Complete Data Dictionary (05/01-pdf)
2019 Companion Guide (07/01-pdf)
2019 BH-ASO Complete Data Dictionary (08/08-pdf)
2019 BH-ASO Complete Data Dictionary (07/31-pdf)
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2019 Tables (10/04-pdf)
2019 Tables (08/26-pdf)
2019 Tables (08/02-pdf)
2019 Tables (06/18-pdf)
BHO Legacy Data Dictionary (Retires 4/1/2020)

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